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 Pre-Registration Deadline: November 3, 2019
 The confirmation of Pre-registration shall be based on the time when the registration fee is paid.
 Registration fee:

Before November 3, 2019

Preferential registration


After November 3, 2019

& On-site registration


Registration Fee for

Enrolled students and nurses

Before November 3, 2019


After November 3, 2019



The congress will close the pre-registration port in December 1, 2019. Representative without a pre-registered will make on-site registration at the first-floor of Shandong building, jinan city in December 5th (Thursday).


If the registered representative is willing to cancel the attendance, please notify the Congress secretariat in written form before November 20, 2019 for a refund. The refund procedure will be completed within 4 weeks after the end of the congress. If cancellation notice and refund application is received after November 20th, the organizer will deduct the full registration fee without refund.


Preferential registration: students and nurses can receive preferential registration with valid student and work certificates;


Registration fee :


meals during the congress

Congress materials

 Registration procedure:

1.Fill in the registry form:

(1)Please create a personal account on the website and register with the account.

(2)If you are a representative of your personal participation, please visit the congress website and click on the 'personal registration' button on the top of the home page. If you are the first to attend this congress, please create a personal account first, then use the account login system to register the online participants.

(3)If you want to complete the registration of participants for more than ten persons (including), please jump to the ‘team registration’ interface, read the instructions, and then proceed the operation.

2.Registration confirmation letter:

(1)The congress secretariat will send you the ‘confirmation letter of registration’ via email within 10 working days after receiving the registration information and registration fee. If the registration confirmation is not received after 3 weeks of registration, please contact the Secretariat of the general assembly.

(2)After the online payment is done, you can download and print out the registration confirmation letter or remember the registration number. When the site is reported, bring the original ID card to the front desk, collect the relevant information and check in.

(3)The congress invoice collection: when the representative who issued the online payment can get the invoice with the original copy of identity document, the invoice will be received after signing. Please keep the invoice appropriately, and the congress secretariat will not reissue the invoice to anyone.

Important Notice:The congress invoice will be get only by the owner in person!


After you register as the official representative, the registration fee will be paid by the Alipay or bank transfer. If you choose to bank transfer, please make sure to indicate the name of the registrant and the ‘WIMCO registration fee’ in the remark column and upload the transfer certificate as attachment.

If you have any question about payment, please contact:

Personal registered contact:Peng Chen Tel:+86-18516138203

4.On Site Registration:

The representative, who has already registered and paid the registration fee, please register with the QR code on the ‘confirmation letter’. If you have not received the ‘confirmation letter’, please bring the remittance certificate to register and receive the invoice. Representatives who did not register online before November 20, 2019 should register directly to the registration site.

Register time: Thursday, December 5, 2019 09:00-23:00

         Friday, December 6, 2019 08:00-11:00

Register place:Registration Office, 1st Floor, Shandong building

 Friendly reminder:

The average temperature in early December of Shanghai is about 5 degrees Centigrade/41 degrees Fahrenheit. Please bring appropriate clothing.

The official website of the congress is: , the representatives can login this website to inquire any information about the congress.

 Secretariat of the general assembly:

Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine

Address: No. 16, Dongzhimen Nanxiaojie, Dongcheng District, Beijing.

Contacts:Dongyun Shi


 Congress Partner:

Shanghai Fumed Convention & Exhibition Management Co., Ltd

Address: Room 308, Kunyang International Business Plaza, 798th Zhaojiabang Road, Shanghai.

Contacts:Peng Chen



The Organizing Committee of the congress has entrusted Shanghai Fumed Convention & Exhibition Management Co., Ltd to arrange accommodation reservations. After registration on the official website of the congress, please inquire about the specific booking information at the accommodation reservation office.


Hotel reservation is based on the principle of ‘first come first served’


Personal contact contact:Zhiyue Zhang Tel:+86-13701875029



The congress, who cannot guarantee, will try to meet the needs of hotel rooms after November 15, 2019. The accommodations reservation will be done only after the congress receives the deposit;


You will receive the confirmation letter after payment. Personal booking is required to pay the registration fee in advance. The representative will not keep the room until December 4, 2019. Refunds are not accepted on site. If you want to cancel or change the reservation, you should inform the contact of Shanghai Fumed Convention & Exhibition Management Co., Ltd before November 30, 2019;


For the groups who reserve over 10 rooms, all expenses must be paid before the congress;

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