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Content of the Call for Papers:

1) Theoretical research on the integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine, including understanding of the academic status and role of integrated medicine, theoretical discussion and experience summary on the ideas, approaches and methods of developing integrated medicine under the new situation, etc.;

2) The important achievements and valuable experience in clinical research, basic research, pharmaceutical research, teaching research, discipline construction, policy research, etc. achieved by integrative medicine in the past five years;

3) The summary and analysis of new diagnosis and treatment experiences in various clinical disciplines of integrative medicine; the introduction and evaluation of new technologies and methods of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine; the new experiences and new models for transforming scientific research achievements into clinical applications;

4) Practical experience of clinical diagnosis and treatment path of dominant diseases of integrative medicine; discussion on common clinical problems; standardization research of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine, etc.;

5) Research on the future of integrative medicine and other related research to promote the development of integrative medicine, etc.

Requirements for the Call for Papers:

1) Papers submitted to this conference shall be those that have not been officially published;

2) The English abstract is about 800 words;

3) Before submitting your paper, you should become an official registered member of the official website of the conference and fill in the true information in detail.

Submission Method

This conference adopts online submission method. Please visit the official website: http://www.wimco2019.com

Deadline: October 31, 2019

Contact Information

Contact: Eric Gu

Tel: 15821373984